Picasso's Masterpiece

The Barock Pinto Hair Man!

93.75 % Friesian Blood and 6.25 % Warmblood (Albano x Bjoris van de Buitenlust)
16.3 hands DOB: 4-25-2009
Heterozygous for Tobiano and Black (Red carrier)

Picasso's great dam sire is none other than the amazing Preferent Friesian stallion Oege 267 who is well known in the Friesian world as the "hair man" for passing along his abundance of hair to his offspring. Picasso's following in his great grandsire's footsteps and is throwing lots of hair to his offspring as well as excellent conformation and amazing temperaments. Picasso's mane reached the ground and due to its weight it was cut back to past his shoulders. Picasso does not have any Gypsy Vanners in his pedigree. His abundance of hair is from Oege 267.

Otro Armani THF

Homozygous Tobiano Barock Pinto Colt

Introducing Otro Armani THF (pronounced Oh-tro Ar-ma-ni and means "another Armani" or "the other Armani" in Spanish), a KWPN registered, flashy colt out of H. Bonita Goodshapes by Knight of Hearts THF. We've run a complete color panel and pattern tests on Armani and he DNA tested homozygous tobiano (he'll throw the pinto color pattern every time), heterozygous black (he carries a dominant black gene and a recessive red gene), and is negative for everything else.

Armani has inherited a love for people just like his sire, Knight of Hearts, and his grandsire, Picasso's Masterpiece. His personality is calm and well mannered, he's brave and inquisitive and a quick learner that's not afraid to try new things (he's already leading like a pro, will pick up all of his feet and let you look in his mouth).

H. Bonita Goodshapes


37.50% Friesian Blood and 62.50% Dutch Warmblood (Ringo x William van Nassau)
15.1 Hands
DOB: 5-30-2012

Bonita is an elegant mare with a delightful temperament. She has a kind and gentle disposition, a forward walk, floating trot and uphill canter. Her shoulder movement is loose and expressive with quick hind legs that step well under her body. She has excellent conformation that is similar to the champion Dutch Warmbloods in her pedigree. She has the typical paw prints associated with a homozygous tobiano coat pattern.


Barock Pinto Mare

ECHA-ESV, FSA (MAIN STUDBOOK), BAROCK PINTO MARE 87.50% Friesian Blood and 12.50% Warmblood (Rebel x Brandas 345) 15.3 Hands DOB: 4-27-2009 DNA Test Results: Tt / Ee (Heterozygous for Tobiano and Black.)

Nikita has a kind and gentle disposition and has a desire to please. She was imported from Denmark as a weanling along with Picasso and Eike. She's lived with Picasso since they were both four months old. Nikita has a wonderful temperament and is the peace keeper in the herd.

Lissa's Madonna THF

Barock Black (Part-bred Friesian) Mare

KWPN Homozygous Black
68.75% Friesian Blood and 31.25% Dutch Warmblood (Ids Van Gogh x Rebel)
DOB: 4-09-2016

Lissa's Madonna THF is a Barock Black (Part bred Friesian) mare. Both her sire and dam are Barock Pintos that are heterogyzous for tobiano and she didn't receive a tobiano gene from either parent. She is registered at the KWPN. She was DNA tested to be homozygous black. She loves people and has an "in your pocket" personality. She is quick in her movement like Nikita and does flying lead changes for fun like her sire, Ids van Gogh.

Zoey fan Top Hat

Purebred Friesian Mare

15.3 Hands
DOB: 7-19-2007

Zoey fan Top Hat is a 3rd premie studbook mare out of Jitske fan Bonnie View, a 1st premie grand champion Ster mare who recently earned her sport predicate and is currently schooling PSG. Zoey's sire is Teitse 428, who is sired by Reyert 337 and whose damsire is Oege 267.