GFS Wildstyle Graffiti

Stallion Candidate, Eventing / Showjumping / Dressage Prospect

DOB: March 6, 2019
Breed: Warmblood
Color: Smokey Black Leopard Spot
Height: to make 16.1 + hands
Registry: Anglo European Studbook (AES)
Will be Imported from England
GFS Fire and Ice X Wantasia (Indoctro/Corland/Nimmerdor)

Back when we lived in North Carolina, some twenty plus years ago, we bred Dalmatians and wanted to have a farm with spotted horses and spotted dogs that matched. That never happened though because we never found the spotted horse. And then Jorge found Graffiti online and took one look at him and said, “That’s my horse! The one I’ve been looking for!” As an added confirmation from the Universe that this was indeed supposed to be his horse, the current owners of Graffiti have a dog that watches over the horses whose name is Domino. Our Dalmatian sire all those years ago was also named Domino. Jorge has been looking for this horse for over twenty years and now that he’s found him, this launched our new division of breeding high quality Warmbloods with champion pedigrees for showjumping, eventing, and dressage.

GFS Mikado

Stallion Candidate, Eventing / Showjumping / Dressage Prospect

DOB: May 10, 2017
Breed: Warmblood
Color: Double Dilute Tobiano (perlino or smokey cream pending DNA testing)
Height: to make 16.2 + hands
Registry: Anglo European Studbook (AES)
Will be Imported from England
GFS Lord of the Dance x Charisma (Camaro x Hurikan/Landruf)

GFS Mikado is a rarity in the modern sporthorse world. His sparkling color of an exotic double dilute tobiano, combined with his warmblood ancestry, is truly unique and exceptional. Mikado is an impressive young horse, a stallion candidate, with a high percentage of Trakehner/Kinsky Warmblood enhanced with Russian Trakehner, Akhal Teke and Thoroughbred. The Russian Trakehner is known for its performance ability in show jumping, dressage, and racing, their trainability, and the fact that they’re easy to manage. The Akhal Teke is known for its speed and endurance, excellent temperament and intelligence, and a shimmering metallic sheen to their coat, which has led to the palominos and buckskins being known as “Golden Horses”. The Akhal Teke is considered one of the rarest, and most exotic, breeds of full-sized horses in the world.

Treliver Delphine

Broodmare In Foal to GFS Fire and Ice for 2020

In Utero Colt for sale - $15,000 - Sire is GFS Fire and Ice - Mare is not for sale.

DOB: May 18, 2010
Breed: British Warmblood
Color: Palomino
Height: 17 hands
Registry: British Warmblood Breeders Studbook (BWBS)
Will be Imported from England
Treliver Decanter/Dimaggio x Salieri/Donnerhall

Treliver Delphine, is a stunning palomino British Warmblood that stands 17 hands. Her pedigree is quite impressive and contains some of the top dressage and show jumping bloodlines on both sides of her pedigree. Delphine, aka Delphi II, is currently in foal to GFS Fire and Ice for 2020. She is an exceptionally well-mannered horse who loves people. Her movement is big and impressive, which befits her enormous presence. A powerful force of nature when moving combined with a gentle, loving soul, make her a spectacular site to behold and a wonderful mother to her foals. Treliver Delphine is sired by Treliver Decanter, a gorgeous Palomino Grand Prix Elite dressage stallion, who was the Champion British Warmblood Studbook Sport Horse Stallion in 2003. He started his show career in 2008 and now competes successfully at the Grand Prix levels. Decanter has an excellent jumping technique and three excellent paces, which enable him to be a successful competitor. He is well known for producing foals that are easy to handle with exceptional temperaments that enjoy work and who are competing successfully in both eventing and dressage.

Many Blessings GES (Mirzy)

Eventing / Dressage Prospect

$15,000 In Utero Foal for sale - Sire is Carry On MF - Mare is not for sale

DOB: June 11, 2016
Breed: Czech Warmblood
Color: Double Dilute Smoky Cream
Height: 16.2 hands
DNA Tested: E/e, a/a, CR/CR
Registry: Westfalen

Mitril x Sagar/Mineral

Mirzy is a 2016 Czech Warmblood Double Dilute Smokey Cream mare, with an amazing metallic sheen. She is already 16.2 hands and still growing. She has a wonderful temperament, is sweet and affectionate, easy going and open minded. She is uphill, leggy and has three excellent gaits. She is in foal by the hunter stallion, Carry On MF and is due in April 2020. Mirzy is in her second month of training at Diamond Riding Academy in Texas and will be coming to Florida in the near future.