Toyland Chantilly

For Sale – Serious Inquiries Only – Email for price (click the contact button at the top of the page) I have decided not to breed Falabellas due to the time commitment involved with the Barock Pintos and Warmbloods so the herd is for sale.

Born 5-20-2019

DNA results are: EE (homozygous black), n/CR (heterogyzous Cream),LP/lp, (heterozygous Appaloosa), n/PATN1 (heterozygous PATN1) and negative for everything else.

Chantilly is an extremely sweet filly who loves attention. She has the temperament to be a therapy horse with the proper training. She is also show quality and her flashy coat pattern will get attention in the show ring. She is naturally curious, loves being with people, and is well mannered. She is easy to catch and halter, easy to deworm, stands well for the farrier, for body clipping, and bathing.  Doing something new doesn’t bother her at all and she is trusting of the people handling her. Chantilly is expected to mature to around 30 -31″ as an adult. With her exceptional color DNA, she will be an asset to any breeding program and her calm, loving temperament would make her an excellent addition to any therapy program. I’ve gone back and forth so many times on keeping her or selling her because she is so sweet and enjoys being with us and is best buddies with Tiara (who is not for sale). But due to time constraints, I’m listing her and we’ll see what happens. If she doesn’t sell, I’m happy to keep her.

Picture courtesy of Toyland Falabellas International


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