These two little guys are American Miniature horses, not Falabellas, but it didn’t feel right leaving them out of our new website so here they are!

On the left: 12 Oaks Invest In Silver (I call him Silver)
Color: Grey Pinto
Height: 29″

On the right: Island’s Grasshopper Mist (I call him Grasshopper)
DOB: 2/4/2007
Color: Bay Pinto
Height: 29″

Back in 2014 I went to a yard sale in my neighborhood and saw these two tiny horses in the back yard. Another patron was asking the owner about them and said she would give them away as long as they stayed together. They’d been together since they were four months old. The other lady wasn’t interested so I asked if I could pet them. She told me, “You can try. The brown one might let you touch him but you’ll never get your hands on the white one.” So I went out in the yard and within five minutes I was petting Grasshopper. I noticed that Silver’s halter was digging into his face. I wanted to fix his halter so it wouldn’t hurt anymore. About five minutes later, he allowed me to adjust his halter. The lady couldn’t believe it and I picked them up later that day.

I asked lots of questions about them from the previous owners and the workers who fed them. They were both severely overweight because the previous owners just dumped an entire bag of grain into a metal trash can and let them eat all they wanted. They were never fed hay. They grazed in the yard, which was half dirt. When I went to pick them up, it only took me a minute to catch Grasshopper and about ten to catch Silver.

After I got them, I had them vet checked and discovered that Silver had foundered in all four feet, which hadn’t been trimmed in who knows how long. I immediately put them both on a regular feeding schedule that was balanced with hay and grain and called my farrier to come out and trim their feet.

About a week after I got them, the previous owner sent one of her employees out to check on them to make sure that I hadn’t flipped them. That’s when I realized they’d been abused. They were terrified of him and hid behind me, who they really didn’t know and definitely didn’t trust yet.

That was five years ago and they’re 12 years old now. It took Grasshopper about a year to really trust me. It took Silver four. It’s only been in the past year that he’s really started to come around and not run away when I approach him and he enjoys hugs from me now, when when before he would tremble violently at the slightest touch. These are my “little guys” and I am truly blessed to have them in my life.