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Welcome to Top Hat Equine, Inc.

Home of Barock Pinto Stallion Picasso's Masterpiece, and his grandson Otro Armani who is homozygous tobiano.


Top Hat Equine, Inc. is the culmination of years of hard work and our passion for unique horses. We are located in South Florida and started breeding and showing Friesians in 2006 as Top Hat Friesians. In 2009 we expanded into Barock Pintos (Friesian x Warmblood) when we imported our stallion, Picasso’s Masterpiece. Over the years we have been successful in producing quality horses with excellent temperaments and outstanding confirmation that have the “in your pocket” personality of the Friesian and the athletic ability of the Warmblood.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to sharing our love of rare and special equine athletes with you! Our old website is still functional and you can visit us there at http://TopHatFriesians.com


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